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The Orang-utans
Camp Leakey, Borneo
Our closest relative among the animals.
In Borneo's rain forest.
2.2 Mb, 1min. 20sec.
A Shadow Puppet show
Bali, Indonesia
A 101 pixel screen.
Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.
1 Mb, 34 sec.
The Legong dance
Bali, Indonesia
Graceful Balinese dances.
Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.
1.1 Mb, 39 sec.
The Komodo Dragon
Rinca island, Nusa Tenggara,
The world's largest lizard.
Rinca island in Indonesia.
2 Mb, 49 sec.
Children Singing "Indonesia"
Stand up Performance by children of Mako village
Adonara island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
2 Mb, 48 sec.
Good Vibrations
Dolphins under the bow bring Good Vibrations.
3,2 Mb, 1 min. 22 sec.
Rush hour in Sydney Harbour
All kinds of boats fill the bay in summer.
3 Mb, 1 min. 20 sec.

Entering Sydney Harbour
Port Jackson, Australia

We arrived just in time for New Year's Eve
and the famous fireworks.
1,8 Mb, 53 sec.
The Playful Booby
Chesterfield Reef, New Caledonia
A fearless Booby acted as our dog.
Uninhabited Chesterfield Reef, New Caledonia
1,7 Mb, 55 sec.

Fuel Transfer in the Coral Sea
The Coral Sea

After several days of motoring in calm seas,
between Vanuatu and Australia,
our friends aboard Cartref were short on diesel.
3,8 Mb, 1 min. 45 sec.
The Slave Boys
The string band at Urepurapura island
in the Banks Islands group of Vanuatu
(camera by Gale Summers)
4 Mb, 2 min. 9 sec.
Welcome to Fiji

Champagne in the morning.
Arriving in Fiji.
The language in this video is in Swedish!

4,2 Mb, 2 min. 9 sec.

This is Sailing
Cruising is boat repair in exotic locations
Very small file 0,35Mb, 12 sec.
This is Sailing Too
My favorite beverage
Very small file 0,3Mb, 11 sec.

Bungy Jump from Kawarau Bridge
New Zealand

First commercial bungy site at Kawarau Bridge, NZ
Two girls jumping tandem.
Medium file 2,1Mb, 32 sec.
Kawarau Poster
Rainbow Warrior
New Zealand

Leaving Whangarei we met the Greenpeace
ship Rainbow Warrior comming upriver.
Small file 0,9Mb, 15 sec.

Cave Diving
Shot at Va'vau, Tonga
This cave could only be entered below surface.
We only used snorkeling gear - no Scuba!
Medium file 2,2Mb, 36 sec.
Christmas Greetings
New Zealand
Shot at Great Barrier Island.
New Zealand
Medium file 1,9Mb, 28 sec.
Maori Song
New Zealand
Maoris performing at a party
organized for the foreign cruisers.
Small file 0,95Mb, 16 sec.
Land Iguana
Shot at Isla San Cristobal.
Small file 0,8Mb, 10 sec.
Sea Lion Pup
A small pup lying on its back,
unable to turn around.
Also shot at Isla Cristobal.
Small file 1,0Mb, 15 sec.
Gatun Locks
Panama Canal
Before our own transit of the Canal,
we inspected the Gatun locks. 
With friends Sarah and Beaney.
4,2Mb, 1 min. 5 sec.
Fishing Nuns
La Marinella, Italy
Young nuns checking the catch of the day,
onthe breakwater at La Marinella, Italy, 1998
1,36 Mb, 45 sec.
Kerralla purkkiin
(inside joke - private link)

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