The place is better known as Island Hideaway after the resort. This is the exception to the rule in the Maldives, that cruisers are not welcome at the resorts. In this case the reason is probably, that there is a marina also. The only marina we know of in the Maldives, although there is supposed to be an other somewhere.

We did not visit Dhonakulhi / Island Hideaway in 2011, but in 2012 we anchored @ 06°50.13' N, 073°02.97' E in 10 metres, a bit SE of the yellow pin on the image. The shelter appears to be very good from all winds with a northerly component. There is some current that may swing you stern to the wind. We didn't go ashore, but the restaurant has been highly recommended by other cruisers. You can also make an advance reservation for a berth in the marina.

dhonakulhiThis information comes with all the usual waiwers. There may be errors and things change. The prudent navigator will not use this image for navigation.
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