Probably our favourite anchorage. Coming from Male (in the SW), follow the reef of Thulusdhoo (yellow path) and leave the three coral patches further out to the north (to your port). The pass is marked with two pairs of stb/port parkers (see photo by link from Past Anchorages page). Look out for a shallow spot just inside the inner markers (leave it to starboard) before you turn west into the lagoon. The wreck in the photo is very close to our anchoring spot. Anchoring is also possible right outside the village, there are good depths all the way to the quay. However, there is quite a lot of traffic to the village quay and to the Coca Cola plant.

Leaving or arriving is straight forward also to the north (yellow path N) and the E edge of the most SW-ly of the three coral patches had a marker. All lights mentioned here had lights in 2011. Snorkelling was great on the three patches and good diving in the pass between the islands (lower right corner of the image). One of the surf breaks is just north of the Google logo.

This information comes with all the usual waiwers. There may be errors and things change. The prudent navigator will not use this image for navigation.

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