Our yachting clubs

Here's a list (in random order) of some clubs that we are or have been related to. These link (click a logo) to external sites and will open in new windows .

Nyländska Jaktklubben r.f. (NJK)

This is Scorpio's yacht club. It claims to be the oldest recognized yachting club in Scandinavia, established in 1861, when Finland still was a grand duchy of Russia. The club's official language is Swedish.

(Finnish and Swedish are both official languages of Finland)

The Finnish Navigation Association

We are members of the Association via the club called Navigationssällskapet i Finland r.f. established in 1947. This is their logo. I have not found any web links to the association.

The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)

The OCC is an international club administered from the U.K. To qualify for ordinary membership one has to complete an ocean passage of not less than 1.000 nautical miles port to port. Around the world, in more than thirty-five countries nearly one hundred OCC Port Officers serve cruising members' interests in an honorary capacity. The club publishes a quarterly newsletter plus a twice per year magazine, the Flying Fish.

Sparkman & Stephens Association

S&S is probably the most famous yacht constructor of all. The members of the Association are present and past owners of S&S designs. Its main objectives are to act as a link between owners of S&S designs and to collect, record and hold available information concerning these yachts. They also organize social events and publishes a periodic newsletter.

Seven Seas Cruising Association

This is a multi thousand members American organization, with two categories of members. You join as Associate and you can be upgraded to a Commodore, when you have lived aboard for a year. Their monthly newsletter provides a lot of interesting information from cruising members about cruising conditions all around the world.

The motto of the association is: Leave a Clean Wake.


The Ocean Sailing Club is a located in Sweden, with the objective to promote members' interest in and skills at qualified ocean passage making. The club keeps a record of the locations of its sailing members.


A German club for ocean cruisers.
Membership is available also for cruisers from other countries.

Boat Owners Association of the United States

In 1992 we joined BoatUs because of members' discounts on boating equipment, many of which where hard to find in Europe. Today the equipment business is a part of the West Marine organization. After our return to the USA in 2001 we renewed our membership because of their towing insurance. We chose the unlimited towing option, which has proved to be useful in the ICW. This option also provides up to $1.000 compensation for towing outside USA.

Club Swan

Organized by Nautor's Swan Corporation for Swan owners.

Club Nautico International Hemingway de Cuba

Located at Marina Hemingway, Havana. We became members during our visit in 2004. A photograph of Henrik and the club's commodore can be found HERE.
We haven't found any better link to the club than a story in Caribbean Compass.

Suomen Valtameripurjehtijat

The Finnish Ocean Cruisers' Club.


Musket Cove Yacht Club

On Malolo Lailai Island, Fiji. If you arrive by boat from a foreign country you may become liftetime member. Membership gives acess to the facilities of Musket Cove Resort.


Opua Cruising Club

In Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Foreign cruisers can get temporary membership which gives access to the facilities of the club house.

The Darwin Sailing Club

In Fannie Bay, with a nice club house, restaurant, showers and laundry room. Very convenient for transient cruisers who can become temporary members.

The Swan Owners Association of America

Claims to be the largest group of Swan owners in the world.

Point Yacht Club

A very welcoming yacht club in Durban. International cruisers get two weeks of free membership, which gives access to club facilities, i.a. restaurants, bars, showers, swimming pool.

Royal Natal Yacht Club

Another very welcoming yacht club in Durban. We received a bottle of sparkling wine as a welcoming gift. International cruisers get two weeks of free membership, which gives access to club facilities, i.a. restaurants, bars, showers, swimming pool.

Royal Cape Yacht Club

South Africa is, in the British tradition, the land of private clubs. We, again, received a warm welcome at the RCYC in spite that we didn't have a reservation and the harbour was fully booked.

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