November 29, to December 4, 2002
A roundtrip from Nassau to Northern Exumas.

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Anchored at Allan's Cay

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Pirjo and Björn arrived on time. After a couple of days in Las Vegas and with two large Samsonites! While Nassau Yacht Haven Marina kindly guarded the suitcases we set sail (motoring in calm seas) for Allan’s Cays in the northern Exuma islands. On the direct course one has to cross over the banks where there is an area where isolated coral heads reach closer to the surface than the depth of our keel. A sharp lookout was therefore needed, but all vent well; after dodging a couple of the heads; just to be on the safe side - it is impossible in these clear waters to correcly judge the depth. We spotted one shark and several stingrays, but only a couple of dolphins.

Beauty and the beach

The beast, a Rock Iguana

The Allan’s Cays anchorage is one of the most charming in all of the Bahamas. Numerous Rock Iguanas again welcomed us . They were clearly disappointed when we did not have any dishes to share.

Because of the lack of time we did not proceed further south to Norman’s Cay to investigate the wreck of the crashed contraband plane. Instead we motored slowly up along the western shores of the small cays to the north, anchoring for one night in the lee of Ship Channel Cay, between the cay and the large shallow area northwest of it.

Exploring the flora

Björn & Pirjo

Returning to New Providence we had a joyful sail over the banks with 20 knots on the beam and although the visibility was much reduced by waves and some clouds all vent well again. We then eyeballed our way in to Bottom Harbour on the south coast of Rose Island, less than 10 miles from Nassau, thus staging for a short sail the following day, which was on our guests’ last cruising day.

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