January 14 to 30, 2003
Cienfuegos & Trinidad

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The beautifully restored
old yachting club at Cienfuegos

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Cienfuegos is an important industrial center some 250 kilometers to the south east of Havana. "Apart from all the industry, this 'pearl of the south' has some fine neoclassical architecture, well laid out streets, lively musical traditions, and a number of interesting places nearby to visit on day trips", (Lonely Planet).

Parc JosÚ MartÝ

Back to the Fifties

The city has some very beautiful buildings, most of them again very much neglected and some permanently beyond repair. There was, however, visible evidence of several projects to restore prominent houses. The most astonishing was the renovation of the old Yacht Club. The decision of restoration of the almost collapsed building had been taken only 4 months earlier and the work was almost finished. No money had apparently been spared. It would not function as a marina, but some kind of "club", called Club Cienfuegos. Probably it is also going to contain a casino. Otherwise we do not understand how the investment would ever pay off. But maybe that is not the idea?

Resting the feet and ...

..  clearing the throat at the Palatino.

There are fewer cars in Cienfuegos than in Santiago de Cuba. Most of the traffic is on bikes, mopeds and motorcycles and an abundance of horse carriages. There are also many bicitaxis (tricycles with a double seat behind the driver).

At the Agromercado

You don't have to walk.

One day we rented a taxi for a tour to the old city of Trinidad, some 100 kilometers along the coast to the south east. Built in 1514, it is now a "museum town", declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

World Heritage Town, Trinidad.

Old man offering fruit and veggies in Trinidad.

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