Oct 31, 2003 to Feb 5, 2004
Christmas and New year
- jammin' in the
Bay Islands, Honduras

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Rhonda and Bob preparing the turkeys
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From the Rio Dulce we sailed back to Honduras, where we arrived in early November. Our plan was to continue our journey further south in early December, and sail for San Blas in Panama. However, we were delayed for several reasons (strange symptoms on the engine i.a.) and ended up spending several more months in Honduras. The anchorages in the islands of Utila, Roatan and Cayos Cochinos became very familiar and we also re visited La Ceiba Shipyard and Lagoon Marina on the mainland a couple of times.

The bar at the Hole in the Wall
With our guests Sarah
and Beaney of s/y Tao

November to January is the rainy season and we had a little too much of that - more continous rain than ever before during our 9 years in the Caribbean. Luckily there were some breaks in the raining during the Christmas and New Year events. Several cruising boats gathered in Jonesville Bight at Roatan for some days of good food and music - and everybody even got a Christmas present!

John and Todd
Laura, Brenda, Scott and Jean

The gathering place was "The Hole in the Wall" restaurant with hosts Bob and Rhonda (seen on the photo up in the right hand corner). Many cruisers play some instrument and we formed our own band and kept jamming into the late hours every evening. Even Scorpio's skipper was able to revive some feelings from the 1960's playing the bongos.

Scorpio's skipper on the bongos!
David and Sarah

Here's the names of some of the participating boats: Snowday, Cotton State, Dream Catcher, Sea Camp, Expectations, Queen Mary, Feisty, Lulu and Scorpio. I apologise for probably forgetting a few.

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