September, 2005
The Finns are taking over Ecuador!

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Our location on the map

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The crew returned to Scorpio in Puerto Lucia Marina, La Libertad, Ecuador early in September. On our arrival we discovered that the small country of Finland has developed into a great sea-going power. Of the 20 yachts on the hard standing area three are from Finland. S/y MARITA from Helsinki, with Irmeli and Tapio aboard, and s/y SERENADA, from Mikkeli, sailed by Seija and Jendrek, had arrived during our absence. Marita had transited the Panama Canal a month before us in April and is heading further out on the Pacific. Serenada is going in the opposite direction. After circumnavigating South America they are returning to Europe via Panama and the Caribbean.

Malla, Henrik, Seija, Jendrek

3 Finnish sailing vessels on the hard.

The congestion of Finnish vessels here is a really amazing coincidence as we have not encountered more than one Finnish boat during the past 4 years. That one was 75 year old single handler Paul Suominen transiting the Canal in his merely 20 feet long ELLEN.

 The boats seen from the sea over the break water

International cruisers getting together.
See text below for names

[On the photo above are - left to right - Seija Prusak (Serenada), Sarah Gabriel and Bill Trindle (Cheval), Cheryl and Robert Ray (New Passage), Henrik (Scorpio) and Jendrek Prusak (Serenada). As with all these photos, by clicking it you will get a blow up.]

The Finnish presence in La Libertad is not limited to the cruising community, however. Two professional Finnish divers, Rauno and Tommi are here on a long term commitment exploring wrecks. One evening we joined them to celebrate Tommi's birthday and made many new friends among the locals and expats.

 Rauno with his Chilean wife Giselle

Tommi and his Colombian girlfriend

We will remain in La Libertad for a couple of weeks performing the regular yearly over-haul on Scorpio. This consists of cleaning the hull, applying three coats of anti-fouling paint below the water line, taking out and cleaning the thru hull sea cocks, servicing the wind vane plus a hundred or so other smaller projects. Fortunately this year we do not have the need for any major additional projects (so far, knock on wood).

At the end of September we hope to be back in the water and heading a hundred miles or so north to the Bahia de Caraques where we plan to stay for the rest of the year. The idea is to spend a lot of time doing inland trips in Ecuador and Peru and also take care of several boat work projects.

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