March through April 2007
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Nice to meet you - Maori style


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Scorpio's diesel engine has been running for at least 10.000 hours since 1987 and, although there was no particular problems, I decided now was a good opportunity to completely rebuild the Perkins 4.236M.

Stripping the engine

The block leaving the engine room ...

The biggest obstacle was getting the engine out of the boat. After the engine had been installed 20 years ago, the cockpit floor above had been glued very thoroughly and I didn't like the idea of taking it apart. However, with hind sight that was probably a misstake.

.. via the saloon and the companion way.

Timo helped us with the project

Stripping the engine down to just the block was not so hard, because it had to be taken apart anyway, but re-installing the machine afterwards was a complicated and time consuming job - the whole project lasted a month! The total weight of the engine, including the transmission is 520 kilos.

Hangi party - the earth oven is opened

Reunion with the crews of Sume, Seeker and Christina

After two weeks we needed a short break and we participated in the Hangi party, arranged for the foreign cruising community by the local marine businesses. In the first photo of this page (top right corner) you can see Malla greeting one of the organizers in the Maori way.

See a video of Maoris singing HERE.

Engine parts everywhere

Parts that we fixed ourselves we also painted

Timo (photos below), who is originally from Finland was in charge of the re-building project.

Timo's muscle power: Engine returning (above)

Shining like new (left)

Finally, at the end of April the project was completed and we felt that we needed a vacation away from the boat and, as the Kiwi autumn was already in progress, we decided to start our traditional journey to Finland one month earlier than usual. On the first of May we left Scorpio in the shipyard at Whangarei and flew to Europe. On the way we made a stop in San Francisco and met with Nils, the son of one of our good cruising friends.

Sight from cable car to Frisco Bay

Meeting with Nils

Now it is time to enjoy the Scandinavian summer. We'll be back aboard Scorpio in November.


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