Scorpio in Australia 3
Sydney views

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Sydney harbour satellite view
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On the larger satellite image we have indicated some spots mentioned.
We spent 6 interesting weeks in Sydney Harbour (geographically also known as Port Jackson).
Blackwattle Bay is behind the Anzac Bridge
Anchorage near the Fish Market
Anja and Geoff, Carpe Diem
In the morning after the fireworks, on the 1st of January 2009, we moved Scorpio from Double Bay to Blackwattle Bay, almost in the centre of the city - just a stones throw from Darling Harbour. Blackwattle is where Sydney's famous Fish Market is located. Here we met the crew of Carpe Diem, an other Finnish-registered vessel. Anja is from Finland and Geoff is a Kiwi.
Dangers aboard ...
.. and ashore!
We had been warned of all the dangers in Australia, so we were not surprised when a crocodile tried to get into the galley, but when we returned to our rental car we could almost not believe our eyes.
Sydney's Fish Market
Everything is big in Oz
Jokes aside, the Fish Market is a great place where you can buy your meal from severel stalls and then buy a bottle of wine from the bottle shop at regular price. In Finland, when we order wine at a restaurant they charge something like three times the bottle shop price. I think this is a great way to make eating out more affordable - also the restaurants probably get more customers. Compare the size of the prawns with the cork and the memory stick!
At anchor in Athol Bay
Athol Bay view at sunset
During January we moved around in the bay and each night chose an anchorage depending on the direction of the wind. On the photos above we are in Athol Bay, where the water is clean enough for swimming despite the central location. The photos below are shot on North Head, the high cliff just to the north of the entrance to Port Jackson.

Sydney Harbour is crowded with all kinds of vessels, and usually there's at least a couple of races going on. The tree photos on the left below show the 18footers in action, but I have never before seen a hydrofoil sailing dinghy, like the one far right below. It moved almost at the speed of a rocket!

In the summer and especially during the week-ends all the bays of Sydney harbour are congested with anchored boats, and naturally there is a demand for Ice Cream & Cappucino. January 26 is Australia Day and, again, the harbour was full of events - we have newer seen as many boats in one place as during the Sail Parade. On the photo above (far right lower row) Carpe Diem is showing the Finnish colors in front of the Opera House. Unfortunately this year's Oz day was one of the few over cast, grey days, which is reflected in the photos.

See video: Rush Hour in Sydney Harbour in the Video Gallery.