Cruising in Phang Nga Bay
Including a visit to James Bond Island

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At James Bond island
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Phang Nga Bay must be one of the geographical wonders of the world. Located on Thailand’s Andaman coast, in this bay, spectacular limestone islands with sheer cliffs up to 400 metres high, emerge like giant scattered teeth from calm waters. The most famous, thanks to its prominent role in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun, is Koh Tapu, seen on the photo in the right hand upper corner of this page (and many others as well).

It stands in the lagoon of Koh Phing Kan, today also known as James Bond Island.

A panorama view from the north, with James Bond Island to the left. We were anchored south of the pinnacle to the right.
In Bond's foot steps
James Bond island in the distance
Ulf and Christina on Roxy

This is probably one of Phuket's (or even the whole of Thailand's) most popular tourist destinations and therefore a place to be avoided at "office hours", between 9:30 and 16:00, when the armada of longtail-boats bring in tourists from the hotels at Phuket and Krabi. However, and I know I've said it several times before, this is another situation where it is so great to experience such places in your own boat (= your home).

When the crowds are gone, this area is extremely peaceful. During three days we didn't see more than three other sailing vessels, excluding some traditional junks (below right), but including our buddy boat, the Swedish sloop Roxy, with Christina and Ulf aboard.

The pinnacle rock in the distance (above)
is even more impressive when you get closer (right).

After almost a week in Phang Nga bay we sailed back to Phuket. On the way we stoppped at the pearl farm at Rang Yai island and did some shopping.
Malla trying necklaces and bracelets ..
.. of black pearls ..
.. at the pearl farm on Koh Rang Yai.
Back to "civilization" - This is sophisticated sailing, don't forget to bring your credit card!