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The four major languages of the world.
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Swedish and Finnish are major languages
in the villages at Phuket's west coast.

Teddy rice?
Tourist Rescue Center!
Cooling the brain.
Phuket is all rock and roll, maybe the largest concentration of package tourism in the world and it was fun for a couple of weeks. In the anchorage at Ao Chalong we met Riitta and Pekka Kärkkäinen, who are n their second circumnavigation aboard Iiris. They were getting ready to sail back to Europe through the Read Sea. We decided to sail back to Langkawi for a change.
riita ja pekka
Riitta and Pekka visiting
Iiris in Ao Chalong

On our way north before Christmas we had sailed close to the mainland, but this time we visited the out lying islands (see map with a click on the button below). First time since Indonesia, we were in clear waters again. At Ko Adang in the Butang islands we even went Scuba diving and were positively surprised by the coral growth and the amount of fish.

of our routes between Phuket and Langkawi.

Local junk
The Titanic pose by Christina
Sun Downers coming up the hatch on Roxy

During this trip we were in company with Christina and Ulf on the Swedish yacht Roxy.

As usual the area was full of fishing boats, plying the waters in all directions.

Siesta time
Obscure art and napping fishermen
There actually is a boat in there among the gear
On the photo above (left) you can see the clear water at Koh Rok Nok, where two fishing boats are taking a break. Somebody had built some kind of shrine with phallic sculptures ashore. If you look closely at the photo in the middle, you can see two of the fishermen napping on the rocks on the right hand side.
one hand
One hand for me ...
Look, no hands!
The old phrase, from the days of the old square riggers: One hand for yourself and one for the Company, got a new meaning when Ulf started cleaning his dinghy bottom from barnacles (above left). Back in Langkawi it was time to stock up with tax free beverages again (photo above right). A case of beer is around 6€!
Year of the Tiger
Still returning from Woodstock?
Chateau Carton
February 14 is the day of the Chinese New Year, and the present year is the Year of the Tiger. The most popular beer around also happens to be the Tiger. Here we are having a few in one of the many cozy bars at Tengah beach (photos above).
ski jumping
Ski-jumping in Malaysia!
Skype session
Aground at low tide
The anchorage in Bass Harbour, in front of Kuah, the main settlement at Langkawi, is not the most scenic one and the quality of the water does not invite swimming. Nevertheless, it is a convenient spot for a while if you have to take care of shopping and make repairs. If you do not take your dinghy to one of the two marinas, you have to time your landings around high tide.
close up

The diesel engines on the long-tails do not have any gears. To stop the boat, the driver just has to tilt the engine to get the propeller out of the water. For steering you have to move the whole engine, which is joined to the boat at just one single point. These two engines are relatively small, but on larger boats, particularly in Bangkok, they often have hugh engines, which make it a very tough job for the drivers.

We are soon at the end of February and we are starting preparations for a journey ashore in South East Asia.