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The Big Buddha of Phuket
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After 8 months in Phuket, busy with major boat projects, there has been no reason for new reports for quite a while (apart from quite a few, non-cruising, posts in the blog-section). I understand that some of our friends who expect to read more fishing-stories from the Seven Seas may be disappointed.

Just to let you know that we are still in the picture, here are some photos from Phuket. Scorpio is now back in the water, looking almost as new as 31 years ago.

Chalong Bay view from the Big Buddha monument, Phi Phi islands loom on the horizon, right of centre (click for large image).
Our renovation project turned out to be almost too much, but now that it's finished, we are happy that we went through it all - Scorpio is a joy for the eye, which will be demonstrated in later reports. However, the whole process took 8 weeks longer than anticipated, and during that time we had to rent a house, as it was impossible to live on board.

To get away from it all we also took some sightseeing trips in our rental car, and almost did a visa run to Burma, when our visa expired, see the blog. An explanation to the two disturbing photos below can also be found in the blog: here.

We visited Rolly Tasker's sail loft, which he claims is the worlds largest custom built loft, 9,000m2. We ordered 3 new sails.
When everything was finished, Scorpio looked like new again. The hull was repainted, under and above the waterline and above deck. The teakdeck was sanded, caulk and plugs replaced where needed. The interior was completely revarnished, all upholstery and all curtains replaced. All stainless hardware, such as pulpits, stanchion poles and rails were taken off and polished, lifelines were replaced. All batteries and the (shore power) battery charger were replaced as were both toilets. Some corrosion spots between aluminium and stainless were corrected. Our three regular sails: genoa, main and mizzen were also replaced. The yacht was subject to a complete survey (hull, interior, machinery, rigging, instrumentation), the summary of which is as follows: The condition is exceptional!

SE Asia inspired us during the refit (left)
Above: the guest cabin (forepeak) after renovation.
Click on it and you will se a wide panorama.

The whole refit-project (costing roughly € 30,000) deserves it's own coverage, but that will have to wait until later (when I get that story ready, I'll insert a link there from this page also).

The yacht was finally launched in Boat Lagoon Marina in mid-November, but it lasted until Christmas Eve before were sailing again. Now, in late December 2010, the count down for the final longer passage of our circumnavigation has finally started. We should be on our way towards the Mediterranean before New Year.

On Christmas Eve we finally got away and anchored on
the east side of Chalong Bay, in front of the beach seen
in the middle of the panorama at the top of this page.
Photo is of our neighbour with the Big Buddha in the background

Below is a map showing our planned route from Thailand to Turkey (click on it).

In the Arabian Sea we will not take the direct (red) route. Instead we will follow current anti-piracy-recommendations and sail up to around 20N, the route roughly indicated by the yellow track.

Our planned route (click for larger map)
Our original plan was to make stops in the Andaman Islands (India), Galle (Sri Lanka) and Cochin (India), but because our departure will be about one month delayed, we may sail directly to Uligamu in the Maldives instead.