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Male 2012

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Another magic moment
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We arrived in Male one week after our departure from Uligan and we didn't see any other sailing boats on the way.

End of another day
Unfinished resort
Tucked in behind the reef at Varihuura
Same spot at low tide - better protection
Your world. Your Way. - Indeed
Two different worlds: Sea plane bringing resort tourists ..
.. and muslim women swimming clothes on.

We have been reading in the news about political unrest and demonstrations in Male, but at least so far we haven't seen any signs of this. There doesn't appear to be any changes compared to last year.

Male waterfront
Quiet at the Presindent's palace
Coast Guard vessels at President's Office

We anchored again in the anchorage at Hulumale north of the airport runway (see satellite image below, last row). It is a convenient 20-minute ferry ride from downtown Male.

As this is our second report from Male I will cut the narrative and let the images speak for themselves.

Maldivian graffiti
No shortage of bananas at Male market
Traditional rudder on local boat
Aboard the ferry between Male and Hulumale
The ferry driver has a giant rear view mirror
Decorations in Hulumale ferry
Island supply-boats loading
Ferry arriving in Male harbour
Safari boat, traditional style
A few days later we were joined by an other Finnish yacht, s/y Elaine, with Kalle and Helinä. They are circumnavigating on a 4 year plan.
Kalle and Helinä on s/y Elaine.
What? Permit not ready yet?
Tip Top Laundry
Laundry high and soon dry

Provisioning is quite good in Male (above)
Satellite view: Male down in the left
corner, with Hulumale on the right.
You can see the airplane runway
and the anchorage NE of it.

A giant safari boat is anchoring
very close to s/y Elaine


We will leave Male on the 2nd of April with a plan to arrive in Gan on the southernmost atoll, Addu, around the 13th of April. Our Maldivian visas are expiring on the 16th, when we will set sail for the Chagos archipelago, roughly 400 nm further south.

Before we get to Gan we will cross the Equator for the third time. Stay tuned.

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