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Fending off in Caudan Marina

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The marina basin at Port Louis
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Early in September 2012 we returned to Mauritius, where we found Scorpio in good shape. We had employed some locals to look after her during our absence, but the main reason that she didn't suffer any damage was my careful preparation before departure.

Scorpio is the yacht with the yellow kayak on the rail. Alongside us is our Brasilian friend Matajusi.

This i not a real marina, just a tidal basin with a difficult concrete dock. Boats come and go and they often raft alongside each other due to lack of space, as can bee seen in the photo above.

We had agreed with our Finnish friends on sy Elaine that they, who also flew away for two months, would leave their yacht alongside Scorpio, which ment that there would not be any other boats tied to us when we were away, thus eliminating the risc for damage from moving boats.

Elaine herself would have the added benefit of not having to bother with the tidal movement, as she was tied to Scorpio. However, this left it to me to worry about how to protect Scorpio from the dock.

The concrete dock has an ugly overhang, which cannot be detected in the photo to the left. At low tide our fenders could have been trapped under the overhang or the over hang might even come on top of the toe rail.

I shackled a long chain along the quay and wired three car tires to the chain. These would therefore be hanging on the dock instead of the yacht. I also put 2 ball fenders on the wall. On the yacht I tied 8 fenders and protected them with 3 fenderboards. The boards are tied to each other to prevent them from popping up. Also the fenders were tied together at the lower eye to keep them in place.

Note, that all 10 fenders are locked to the boat or to the quay with bicycle locks. Fenders have been stolen here!

I should probably show my insurance company the above photo to get some discount on the premium.

Brasilian yacht Matajusi alongside Scorpio The marina's maintenance team An other view of our fending system

I spent the next two weeks below decks installing new instruments. The boat work never stops, read more here ...

Why do I always have to upgrade ..  
Our dock lines: heavy springs on bow and stern lines (above) and chain + thimbles on spring lines amidships (below)
Caudan Marina is conveniently located in the centre of Port Louis. Scorpio is behind the yellow cat on the right (blue sail cover).
We will soon leave Mauritius and sail to Reunion, only 150 nm to the south west.