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Global Overview Maps Hemispheres, Oceans and Poles. Start Planning!
Our route around the world Scorpio's circumnavigation
Our first years in the Caribbean 1992-95: Florida - St Martin - Venezuela - ABC Islands, and everything in between
Then crossing the Atlantic to Europe From the Caribbean to Finland
Our track in 1997 From the Gulf of Finland to the Balearic Islands
Our track 1998 A circum navigation of the Western Mediterranean
Our track 1999 From the Balearic Islands to Spain's Costa del Sol (incl. Gibraltar)
Our track, fall 2000 Costa del Sol to The Canary Islands (via Madeira)
Our track, 11/2000 - 02/2001 Atlantic Crossing: Spain to Barbados
Our track, 02 - 05/2001 Cruising through the Lesser and Greater Antilles
Our track, May 2001 From Hispaniola to North Carolina
Our track autumn 2001 Beaufort to Annapolis, autumn 2001. Going south we more or less back-tracked
Our track at the end of 2001 South from Beaufort and in the Bahamas
Our track in the spring of 2002 In the Bahamas
Our track 05-06/2002 From Port Canaveral to Deltaville, Virginia
Our journey on the Potomac To Washington DC
Our track 9/2002 - 6/2003 From the Chesapeake Bay to Honduras (via Bahamas and ....)
Our trip north, spring 2004 Back to the Chesapeake from Honduras
Alternative routes south in late 2004,
early 2005
Planning the trip south in the autumn of 2004
Our track 9/2004-4/2005 and potential
routes before summer
The situation when we had reached Colombia
Actual track 9/2004 - 5/2005 Chesapeake Bay to Ecuador
ICW six times Rough summary: 3 round trips between Florida/Bahamas and the Cesapeake Bay
Our tracks in Western Caribbean 2002-05 Rough summary; Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Panama
Our surroundings, autumn 2005 Ecuador and surrounding areas
To the Galapagos Islands From the mainland of Ecuador to the Enchanted Islands
In the Galapagos Islands Cruising in Darwins Islands
From Galapagos to Tahiti From Ecuador to the French Polynesia
In the Marquesas Our tracks in the Marquesas Islands
In the Tuamotus The World's Largest Atoll Archipelago
In the Society Islands From Tahiti to Bora Bora
Alternative Routes in the Cook Islands To Suwarov or to Rarotonga?
Tonga Our Route Through Tonga
From Tonga to New Zealand Our Track from Tonga to NZ
Opua to Auckland On the East Coast of NZ's North Island
Hauraki Gulf The Cruising Ground between Auckland and Whangarei
From New Zealand to Fiji Back to the Tropics
Fiji Our Route Through Fiji
Vanuatu Cruising in Vanuatu
Our alternatives, late 2008 To PNG and Indonesia or to Australia?
From Vanuatu to Australia Our track from Vanuatu to Australia via Chesterfield Reef
Scorpio's track across the Pacific Panama to Australia
Australia A big island!
Bundaberg to Sydney and back Sailing down and up along Australias south east coast
Compare the continents Australia superimposed over Europe
Bundaberg to Darwin Our track from Bundaberg to Darwin
Cape York to Darwin Our track from Cape York to Darwin
Our alternatives in the Indian Ocean South East Asia or South Africa?
Darwin to Flores island From Australia to Indonesia
From Flores to Bali Our track in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia
From Bali to Singapore Our track from Bali via Borneo to the Malacca Strait
Indonesia complete Our complete track from Darwin to Singapore (not all stops shown)
The Malacca Strait Our track from Singapore to Langkawi
Langkawi A cruise around Langkawi island
Between Phuket and Langkawi Routes between Phuket and Langkawi
A Road Trip to Indochina and Siam Sight Seeing in South East Asia
Our planned route Thailand to Turkey This is our December 2010 preliminary plan for the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea
Actual track from Thailand to the Maldives This is our actual track from Phuket to Uligan in the Maldives.
Our planned route back to Thailand On our way back to Thailand we could have stopped at Sumatra, which we then didn't do.
Cruising east of Phuket A suggested route for a 2 week cruise between Phuket and Krabi
Phuket - Capetown plan A simplified map of our planned route across the Indian Ocean 2012
Chagos The Chagos Archipelago
Chagos - Mauritius Alternative strategies sailing from Chagos to Mauritius
Reunion - South Africa Our planned route to SA - and the actual!
South Africa - Caribbean 2013 Master Plan - the actual track turned out a bit different
2013-14 plan for the West Indies, part 1 Trinidad to Windward and Leeward Islands
Route plan, winter-spring 2014 Heading for Florida, preliminary plan
Our tracks in Eastern Caribbean 2001+2013 Map showing how our inbound and outbound tracks crosses
Actual route to Florida, winter-spring 2014 Scorpio's last trip under our ownership.
OUR GOOGLE MASH-UP [Look at our tracks on Google Maps. These maps only work when you are on-line.]
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New Zealand Anchorages Find all our anchorages in NZ on this map
Indonesian Landfalls A preliminary map of locations to visit in Indonesia

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