Anchorages in The Baltic Sea

The following is only a list of those anchorages we have visited aboard SCORPIO.
There's a hundred more that we have visited on previous boats.

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Because Finland is a bilingual country, where both Swedish and Finnish are official languages, many names of places are in either language. In the following we are using the Swedish names, which usually are the "indigenous" in the archipelago.

Our Anchorages in Finland, listed from West to East (Åland to Gulf of Finland) and South to North (Gulf of Bothnia):

Åland Islands

The Åland Islands form an autonomous, demilitarized and unilingually Swedish speaking province of Finland. They consist of more than 6,500 islands and skerries, 6,400 of which are larger than 3,000 square metres.

  • Mariehamn
  • Käringsund
  • Storogskär
  • Degerby
  • Bänö
  • Bomarsund
  • Sottunga
  • Idskär, Föglö

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Sea of Islands

The archipelago between The Åland Islands and mainland Finland is called Skärgårdshavet in Swedish and Saaristomeri in Finnish.

  • Kråkskär
  • Korpo Ström
  • Halsholmen
  • Nötö
  • Jurmo
  • Utö
  • Borstö
  • Halsholm
  • Airisto
  • Långholmen, Högsåra
  • Ramsskär
  • Kejsarhamn
  • Krokö

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Gulf of Finland

The gulf between Finland in the north and Estonia in the south

  • Hangö
  • Lill-Spatten
  • Ekenäs
  • Munkshamn
  • Lillö
  • Högholmen
  • Notudden
  • Björkholmen
  • Nordsjö

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Gulf of Bothnia

The gulf between Finland in the east and Sweden in the west.

  • Nystad
  • Räfsö, Björneborg
  • Kaskö
  • Replot, Vasa
  • Ykspila, Karleby

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Åland (part of Finland)


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Our anchorages in Estonia:

  • Tallinn, Pirita Harbour





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Our anchorages in Sweden:

  • Visby
  • Västervik
  • Harstena
  • Ankarudden
  • Utö
  • Härsö
  • Stockholm
  • Sandhamn
  • Lindholmen
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Our anchorages in Denmark:

  • Christiansö







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GERMANY (Baltic shore)  

Our anchorages on the Baltic side of the Kiel Canal:

  • Holtenau







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