Caribbean - Greater Antilles
Our Anchorages in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puert Rico, Jamaica.

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Our Anchorages in Cuba:

  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Chivirico
  • Marea de Portillo
  • Cabo Cruz
  • Cayo Medio Luna
  • Cayo Granada
  • Cayo Algodón Grande
  • Cayos Manuel Gomez
  • Cayo Breton, Cayos Cinco Balas
  • Estero Ingles, Cayos Cinco Balas. Again, Calders Cruising guide was obsolete. The stake that we were supposed to round at the eastern approach, is not there anymore. Instead there is a stick that proved to act as a starboard mark, which we found out the hard way by going aground trying to round it! However, we managed to get off without assistance (there was non anyway) and found our way in, going first with the dinghy. Our depth sounder showed 1,8 meters, which is the same as the depth of our keel, at what we think was about mid tide. We later also checked the southern entrance by dinghy, but did not find anything deeper than about 1,5 meters. The place is well sheltered, but as with all previous places it was a disappointment for the juniors: no real beaches, murky water, just bugs and mangroves. And to get out to the reefs for snorkeling, you need a big planing dinghy.
  • Estero las Auras, Cayos de las doce Leguas.
  • Pasa Cachiboca, Cayos de las doce Leguas.
  • Cayo Cuervo. We anchored in the northern bay off the narrow beach, sailing in on a northerly course between the "sticks and wreck" to the west and the wreck to the east. This was the first relatively decent beach we had came upon since arriving in Cuba. The beach is on the south side of a narrow spit that separates the bay from the sea to the north, which allows the breeze to blow away most of the bugs. Good holding and almost all around shelter, this anchorage is open only to the south, and even in that direction only for a mile or so. And in a southerly blow one can always re-anchor in the bay.
  • Cayo Caoba
  • Cayo Guinea
  • Cayo Zaza de Fuera
  • Ensenada Caballones, (near Casilda).
  • Cienfuegos
  • Cayo Guano del Este
  • Cayo Largo Marina
  • Playa Sirena, Cayo Largo
  • Cayo Hijo de los Ballenatos
  • Cayo Rosario, behind SE reef
  • Canal del Rosario
  • Cayo Tablones
  • Cayo Grande
  • Punta Colombo
  • Nuova Gerona
  • Ensenada de los Barcos
  • Lomo de Siguanea
  • Caleta Puerto Frances
  • Marina Cabo San Antonio
  • Cayo Montanyo, Ensenada Anita
  • Punta Alonso Rojas
  • Cayo Levisa, main anchorage
  • Cayo Levisa, SW bay
  • Cayo de Muerto, Bahia Honda
  • Marina Hemingway, Habana
  • Marina Darsena (Marina Aqua), Varadero

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Our anchorages in D.R:

  • Cayo Macao
  • Samana
  • Ocean World Marina, Cofresi (Puerto Plata)
  • Luperon

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Our anchorages in Puerto Rico:

  • Dewey, Isla Culebra
  • Ensenada Honda, Isla Culebra
  • Ensenada Dakity, Isla Culebra
  • Luis Peña
  • Icacos Island
  • Isla Palomitos
  • Isleta Marina
  • Isleta Anchorage
  • Cayo Santiago
  • Salinas
  • Cayo Muertes
  • Cabo Rojo
  • Isla Mona
  • San Juan

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Puerto Rico

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Our anchorages in Jamaica:

  • Port Antonio Marina
  • Oracabessa Harbour
  • Discovery Bay
  • Montego Bay, Yacht Club basin
  • Montego Bay, Pier 1
  • Negril, Bloody Beach
  • Black River
  • Alligator Reef




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