Our Anchorages in Southern Africa

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  • Linga Linga. We anchored here in two locations.

We had to escape from Minorado Bay (Madagascar) when a SW gale was announced. Weather forecasts for the Richard's Bay area did not permit going there, so we went to Linga-Linga in Mozambique instead. There's no village at Linga-Linga, but a couple of resorts, who welcome cruisers. Some are expensive, some not.

Our track across the bar at Inhambane and to Linga-Linga is shown on the map to the right (click on it). The first 5 waypoints, which will take you to the south point (where yachts normally anchor) are listed below. We used 11 more waypoints (not given here) to get to the anchoring spot shown. This area is a bit more protected, but not from the south. We rode out 35-40 knots S-ly winds here and it was uncomfortable particularly on the outgoing tide with wind over current. An alternative spot to hide in a southerly would be outside, near Inhambane behind Barrows Point (roughly 23°47.3' S, 035°31.6' E), but that one is subject to ocean swell and to winds from the E-ly semicircle. We did not anchor there, but we know of many who did, and who found it reasonably good.

This is not a port of entry, but we haven't heard of anyone getting in trouble for anchoring here "in transit". In 2012 some yachts were boarded by military and charged 80 USD per boat (receipt given).

Our visit to Mozambique is covered by report #83: Reunion to South Africa - A Difficult Passage

Waypoints across the bar and to the anchorage at the south point in 2011 and 2012 (positions of sandbanks are subject to change):

1) 23°39.0' S, 035°30.0' E
23°41.3' S, 035°26.0' E
23°42.5' S, 035°26.0' E
23°44.5' S, 035°25.0' E
23°44.5' S, 035°24.0' E
23°44.2' S, 035°23.7' E (anchoring)

The bar should be crossed at slack high tide. Tide at the bar is 45 min. before Linga-Linga. Note! All this information comes with the usual disclaimers


There is plenty of South African cruising information available elsewhere, so we are not providing any here.

  • Tuzi Gazi Harbour, Richard's Bay
  • Durban Marina, Durban
  • Port Elisabeth harbour
  • Algoa Bay Yacht Club, Port Elisabeth
  • Knysna Yacht Club, Knysna
  • Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town

Our visit to South Africa is covered by report #84: The Big Five - Safaris in South Africa, #85: Durban, The Biggest City in KwaZulu-Natal, #86: Getting Stuck in the Wrong Place - A Black Advent


We only stopped in one place in Namibia:

  • Walvis Bay

The anchorage is in front of Walvis Bay Yacht Club, where we picked up a mooring.