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New teak decks and deck funiture

1. New teak decks and deck furniture (this page)
2. Mast and rig maintenance and improvements (next page)
3. Canvas galore (third page)
4. Miscellaneous improvements and additions (last page)

Here is a link to the first part of the renovation in 2010-11

Despite of the renovation of the teak decks a year earlier,
we decided, after all, to renew the decks completely.

This was the second part of the renovation. Scorpio went through the first part in 2010-11. That part is covered in report #65 (see HERE). The hull was restored and painted as were the topsides. The interior was completely renovated as well and we had new sails made.

The biggest projects in 2011-12 concerned a complete renewal of the teak decks and service of the masts and rigging. We also undertook numerous additional modernizations and improvements.

New teak decks - and some other deck based enhancements

As you can see on the photo above, there was quite enough of teak thickness in the old teak deck. However, those decks were laid with the use of screws and the plugs covering the screws had become thin and were coming loose (see a previous story). We now decided to lay the new decks without screws. Had we done the same the previous time (in 1995), there wouldn't have been any need to renew the decks.

Before After, on poop deck After, amidships
Thickness of teak deck Hole for new side deck prism

Deck details, amidships
The new mellon shaped prism in front
New hatch covers, new cleats, etc

The old decks were originally 12 millimetres thick and had worn to about 8-10 mm. This time I decided to have 15 mm. When the decks were laid and we cut out the holes for new deck prisms (above, middle photo) I measured the teak in that spot to be 17 mm! The photo on the right above shows the new mellon shaped deck prism, hatch covers with zippers and the new halyard cleats on the main mast.

We also replaced a lot of hard ware on deck. Below is an example showing (to the left) the masking plates of the chain plates after the chain plates had been removed. To the right is a photo afterwards, when the chain plates are back after service and the deck plates have been replaced with stainless (the old ones on the left were of aluminium).

Before After

Below are some examples of improvements (they will be explained on the following pages).

prism poop deck table
prism after prism after deck box starboard side

The surveys: The whole renovation project was overseen by independent professional surveyors; B.G. Marine for the complete yacht and David Samuelson for the rigging in particular. They presented us with their survey reports when all was finished.

The conclusion of the surveys are: The condition of this yacht is exceptional!

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