"If something can go wrong it will", is the underlying meaning of one of the best known expressions in every day language. It is known as Murphy's Law.

During our cruising time we have found that nature and things indeed have a conformity to law. Gradually we have summarized our experiences in the following thesis.

Some of the phrases are genuinely our own, others are adapted or adopted "quotations of the day" but all of them reflect situations that we can relate to a 100%.

1. Murphy was an optimist.

2. There is no quick and simple repair job onboard - they all escalate.

3. Cruising is boat repair in exotic locations.

4. The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude.

5. Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

6. If you really want to catch a fish, fill the fridge with food before take off.

7. If the fridge is empty and you get something on the hook, it will be a Barracuda.

8. ..... or maybe a plastic bag ..... or then the line breaks.

9. If something goes better than expected or feels good, don't worry it can only be worse again ....

Do these statements look pessimistic or gloomy? Not necessarily, but in a way they illustrate the challenging aspect of deep water cruising: being on your own and taking care of your self even when the elements (and Gods) seem to be against you. On the other hand, to succeed you have to make be stubborn and resourceful, which often produces very rewarding moments. However, most of all these thesis probably reflect our Lutheran upbringing:

10. And for Heaven's sake, at least don't show that you're happy.

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