Here are the 19 other Nautor 43 Swans we are aware of (plus one Big Sister). Note that ownership and location details may have changed since Scorpiosail was last informed. Updates and corrections are appreciated.

We would like to find more of the sisters. 24 Nautor 43s have been launched, so there are still 4 ships unaccounted for.

If you find one, please let us know.

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Sparkman & Stephens design # 2239

For specifications of the model, check the Factsheet.

How do they sail? Check Should I Buy a Nautor 43?

Not that it really matters, but: Is the Nautor 43 a Swan?

Hull # 1 unknown Hull # 1 unknown

Hull # 2 LIZZY

We spotted Lizzy in Rupert Bay, Dominica.

The weather was so bad that we never launched our dinghy,
and we didn't get a chance to talk to the people on board.



We found this yacht on the web. She was sold to a new Swiss owner in June 2010.


Hull # 4 FUNA

Margriet and Michaël BOONE from Belgium are the owners of NAUTOR 43 SWAN ≠ 4. Her home port is Breskens in The Netherlands..

Hull # 5 BANDA

We found this photo at SparkmanStephens.blogspot and we picked up her name on the transom. She is one of the sloop rigged sisters. The mast does not appear to be original, as there were no original roller mainsails built.

We do not know where this sister is currently located and her name could well have changed.



Harvey and Dawn used to sail this yacht.

Here, in December 2001, she is dressed up for Christmas at Cocoa Beach Marina, Port Canavaral, Florida.

We recently heard the sad news that Sovereign Swan was destroyed in a fire and was a total loss.

Update, April 2014: we have received information that she wasn't a total loss after all and that the yacht is now being restored by new owners. More info pending ...



She is the second sloop rigged sister. The original name of this yacht was apparently Bucephalus and she has also been called Inspiration.

The yacht has recently been spotted for sale in Marina del Rey.


We found this photo at SparkmanStephens.blogspot. The name is written on the horse shoe buoy and on the transom.

We do not know where this sister is currently located and her name could well have changed.


Hull # 9 TRUE LOVE (ex. Candor)

Michael Holm is the owner of this yacht. Her home port is Skive in Denmark.

True Love has a bow sprit and a hard windshield.



Hull # 10 MAKULU II

Makulu's owner is Yngve Gustafsson.

The yacht's home port is Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey.



Giles and Julia from Ireland sail Elisabeth.

The yacht is now back at her home port in Helford River, Falmouth, Cornwall, after several years in Croatia and Montenegro in the Adriatic Sea.


Den Helder in the Netherlands is the home port of Norderkroon (ex Ariadne), launched in 1977. Her owners are John and Lucia.

unknown name

Hull # 13 SEAGULL

We found this sister on the web. She was for sale in southern Italy. At the time she was flying the Italian colours. She is one of the four deck house versions, and according to the advertisement she was built in 1977, so she must be hull # 13.

Hull # 14 unknown Hull # 14 unknown


We found this sister for sale on the web. Her location was Palacios, Texas. Now we are waiting for her new owner to check in.


Hull # 16 SWANeMEER

Gert and Janneke sail Swanemeer

According to the photo she is now a sloop, but originally she was built and launched as a ketch.


Hull # 17 SCORPIO (now Svetlana)

Scorpio was sailed by Henrik and Malla between 1992 and 2015, and she has been the host of this web site. Her home port was Helsinki, Finland, but she hasn't been there since 1997.

Scorpio is now owned by Garrett Culver in New Orleans and renamed Svetlana. You can book a sunset cruise on her here (opens in new window).


Hull # 18 CIMBRA

Flavio and Paola Nagy sail Cimbra. Her location is Liguria in Italy.


Hull # 19 KRITSANA (ex Barcarolle)

Kritsana is owned by Mikael and Moo (Kritsana) Sjöberg in Timrå (a town near Sundsvall in the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea), Sweden.


Hull # 20 CHAMPAGNE (ex. El Desperado)

We found her on the hard at Chestertown, MD, USA, in the fall of 2001, but didn't get a chance to look for her owner.

Six years later we met him, Jim Huber, by coincidence, on the docks at Whangarei, New Zealand, where he visited by air (see report #38) - it is a small world, among the Nautor 43's!

Floodtide II


David sails FLOODTIDE II on the east coast of England.

On this photo she is at the Orford Ness and she is normally moored at the port of Ipswich.

Hull # 22 unknown Hull # 22 unknown
Hull # 23 unknown Hull # 23 unknown
Baltic Girl


Baltic Girl was the last one built, and one of the four deck house versions.

She is owned by Werner and Barbara in Ireland.

Soway Mist

SOLWAY MIST is actually a Big Sister - a Nautor 50 (hull #3).

She is owned by Mary and Wayne.
Her home port is Galveston Texas.

Look at this link for more about the Nautor 50.
They built 9 of them.

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