"They were very happy days. I was never lonely, though now and again I would walk along the reef wishing somebody could be with me - not because I wanted company but just because all this beauty seemed too perfect to keep to myself." (Tom Neale)

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Language of story
23 vuotta maailman ympäri - Erilainen pallonkierto finnish In Finnish
Is Scorpio a Swan? english In English
Fire In the Engine Room - A Cruisers Worst Nightmare! english In English
Want to Go Around All Continents? - Then Avoid Panama english In English
What Is A Circumnavigation - Are We Done Yet? english In English
Rough Anchorages - At Anchor in Gale Force Winds english In English
Is Scorpio For Sale? english In English
Cyclone Alert - Executive Decisions Between Chagos and Mauritius. english In English
Tsunami Warning - And then What? english In English
Planning a Crossing of the Indian Ocean in 2012 english In English
Political Unrest and Routing Decisions english In English
Biggest Change in Cruising in 20 years? - Communications english In English
Why Somali Piracy Has to Stop - Piracy Is Spreading All Over english In English
The Countdown Has Started - Looking at Weather for a Longer Passage english In English
Cruiser's Paradise Lost - The Maldives. english In English
Dumb as a Brick? - To the Med at any Cost. english In English
Hired Guns and the Shipping of Yachts english In English
Dilemma in th Arabian Sea - The Pirates are Winning! english In English
Pirater, taifuner, jordbävningar och tsunamis - En av våra finaste seglatser
(Pirates, taifuns, eartquakes and tsunamis - One of our finest cruises)
swedish In Swedish
The Freezer Blues.
- Cruising is Boat Repair in Exotic Locations
english In English
An Island to Oneself.
- Some notes and photos about Tom Neale
english In English
Kuubalaiset sulkeiset
(Cuban Excercises)
finnish In Finnish
Från palmstränderna till isflaken
(From Palm Beaches to Ice Floes)
swedish In Swedish
Från Grenada till ABC öarna via Venezuela
(From Grenada to the ABC Islands via Venezuela)
swedish In Swedish