The videos listed below are edited for different purposes in various contexts and not necessarily on platforms optimized for a web site. Some are extracted from movies on DVD and others from posts to social media. Some have been converted to the present format from the original flash format that we started with many years ago, which has since (by Adobe Corp.) been thrown under the bus. From our collection of more than 100 hours of film.
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Hallå du gamle indian
British Virgin Islands - 1:41 min. - 1992

Sailing into Gorda Sound with the Lindqvist family. Singing our signature song "Hallå du gamla indian" by Lasse Dahlqvist.
1992 was our first year aboard Scorpio.

Regarding video quality, remember all films from the 20th century were originally analog and have been later digitized.

Southbound Again - Sailing Season 1997 in a Nutshell
Finland to Spain - 3:40 min. - 1997

We splashed the yacht among ice floes in April and at the end of the year we celebrated Christmas in Spain. Here's what happened in between.

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Mediterranean - 4:52 min. - 1998
The sailing season of 1998 in a 5 minutes. Thanks to Jules Verne I had for many years nurtured the idea of sailing to Stromboli and anchoring on its shores in my own yacht. So I did.

We also visited Sardinia, mainland Italy, Sicly, Malta and Tunisia. When we returned to Mallorca, our starting point, the yacht was diagnosed with osmosis.

You can check text and pictures from our cruise in the Mediterranean in the summer of 1998 HERE.

Fishing Nuns
Italy - 0:47 min. - 1998

Watching Nuns fishing on the breakwater at Santa Marinella, north of Rome. (This clip is extracted from the video above)

The year of 1999 in 5 minutes
Italy-Spain - 4:46 min. - 1999

A closer look at our year at the Costa del Sol, HERE.

Hejsan - år 2000
Esbo, Finland - 1:40 min. - 2000

The greeting, to folks back home, from our sailing adventures somewhere in the world had been delivered on the 30th of June every year from 1990 and 1999. In 2000 we had to change the date for this tradition, because from then on we wouldn't normally be on the yacht in June. We would spend the summer months June-August in Finland and the rest of the year sailing around the world aboard Scorpio. Therefore the greeting from 2001 and thereafter was filmed on the 16th of November - Captain's birthday.
Spoken in Swedish.

En 50 års dag
Happy 50th Birthday
La Gomera, Canary Islands 
14:38 min. - 2000

Columbus chose San Sebastian de La Gomera as port of departure for his 1st Atlantic crossing. We jumped off from the same harbour on our 2nd crossing. But first we celebrated the captain's 50th birthday.

Spoken in Swedish.

Scorpio's Transit of the Panama Canal
Panama, Central America - 4:00 min. - 2005

No turning back now after entering the Pacific Ocean. Narrated in Swedish, but the film is quite self-explanatory.
You can check our report from Panama HERE.

Hejsan 2005
Ecuador - Runtime 1:40 min. - 2005

As noted above, the day of our yearly greeting to folks back home changed from 30th June to 16th November. Every year this oration was carried out in a certain format . It always ended with:
"Livet ler, vad annat kan man begära" (Life is good, what more could you ask for(.
In November 2005 we were anchored in Bahia de Caraques in Ecuador, preparing to start on our Pacific crossing, with first stop in the Galapagos islands. You can read more about this HERE.

Trade Wind Sailing
Pacific Ocean - 0:49 min. - 2006

Somewhere between the Galapagos and the Marquesas.
You can read more about this passage HERE.

Going Bananas
Pacific Ocean - 2:49 min. - 2006

Still on the 3000 nm passage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas. The trip took 25 days.

Hauling Out at Raiatea
Society Islands - 1:58 min. - 2006

We hauled out and left the yacht for a few months at Raiatea island because we needed to attend our sons wedding in Finland.

Mariner's Cave
Kingdom of Tonga
- 0:36 min. - 2006

Mariner's Cave is a on Nuapupu Island in the Kingdom of Tonga. It can be accessed only by swimming through a 15 metres long tunnel about 3 metres. We did it by snorkel in the company of the crews of yachts Christina (SWE) and Seeker (USA). Inside the only light is the fragile blue coming through the underwater entrance. Usually one can hear whales singing.

Little Home on the Oceans
New Zealand - 0:38 min. - 2008

Picures of a centrefold story in the daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet. Published 2008

A translation of the article can be found here.

Bungy Jump off the Kawarau bridge - short
NZ South Island - 0:32 - 2008

Two girls in a tandem bungy jump. The Old Kawarau bridge was the world's first commercial bungy jumping site. This clip was originally made especially for the web, but unfortunately on the Flash file platform, which now is obsolete. The conversion quality is not good. Better check the version below.

Bungy at Kawarau
NZ South Island - 1:54 - 2008

This clip is longer and of better quality than the short one above.
It is extracted from a movie of our tour by car on the South Island of NZ.

This is Sailing III
Crossing from NZ to Fiji - 1:26 min. - 2008

Boat Repair 24/7 even on a passage.

Cheers - Welcome to Fiji
Fiji - 1:01 min. - 2008

Champagne in the morning. Arriving in Savu Savu on Fiji after a 9 day-passage from NZ.

This is Sailing IV
Savu Savu, Fiji - 0:32 min. - 2008

Repairing sails at Savu Savu after landfall.

In the background you can hear Curly on his Morning Show on the VHF-radio: Goood morning Saaavu Saavu ...

Find out more about this period of our circumnavigation HERE.

The Blue Hole
Vanuatu - 2:47 min. - 2008

A river trip by dinghy from our anchorage at Peterson Bay to the Blue Hole at Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

Playful Booby
New Caledonia - 0:55 min. - 2008

Malla playing with a booby in New Caledonia at uninhabited Chesterfield reef.

The quality of this clip is not very good because it is converted from a flash file (.flv)

Fuel Transfer in the Coral Sea
Between New Caledonia and Australia - 1:45 min. - 2008

We had no wind on the passage from New Caledonia to Australia. Scorpio delivered a jug of diesel to the Australian yacht Cartref.

Rush Hour in Sydney Harbour
Australia - 1:21 min. - 2008

Never seen this much action in a harbour before, nor after.

The quality of this clip also suffers from conversion from Flash format, but I'm sure everyone gets a pretty good idea of the action.

The Komodo Dragon
Rinca island, Indonesia - 0:49 min. - 2009

The Komodo dragon is endemic to the Indonesian island of Komodo and a few nearby islands, such as Rinca here. This dragon can be up to 3 metres long. The diet of Komodo dragons mainly consists of deer and they also eat considerable amounts of carrion. Komodo dragons also occasionally attack humans.

The quality of this film suffers from conversion from the flash format (.flv-file)

The Orang-utans
Borneo - 1:11 min. - 2009

A glimps from our visit by riverboat to Camp Leakey in Kalimatan.

Phang-Nga Bay
Phuket - 0:30 min. - 2010

On the way to James Bond Island between Phuket and Krabi.

Dilemma in the Arabian Sea
Indian Ocean - 18:05 min. - 2011

In February 2011, most of the yachts in the anchorage of
Uligan in the Maldives reported engine problems. Find out
what was going on.
This dokumentary is narrated in English, with Finnish subtitles.

Murder at Sea
Indian Ocean - 2:47 min. - 2011

This video is related to the one above. It shows part of NBC news about the tragedy of s/y Quest.

Africa to Starboard
Indian Ocean - 19:56 min. - 2012

This film is the sequel to Dilemma in the Arabian Sea.


Africa to Starboard - part 2
Back to the Atlantic - 33 min. - 2012

This film is the sequel to (Leaving) Africa to Starboard covering the trip from Mauritius to Trinidad.


Rasmus in Martinique
French West Indies - 0:30 min. - 2013

Our son and grandson visited for a week. And what exactly is HMS Diamond? Check Wikipedia HERE.

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