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We appreciate your feed back by e-mail: henrik(at)scorpiosail.com - Replace the (at) with @. Clicking the bottle below opens your mail software, but if you use web mail, like hotmail you can copy > paste (+replace) our address in the "To" field.

Note: We can only use the web mail service when we have access to the Internet - either by mobile internet (sometimes it is 3G) when we are within reach of the right antenna (provided that we have a deal with a local operator), or wifi close to a hot spot ashore, or Cyber Cafés.

We also have the capabilities to send and receive E-mail aboard by SailMail using a modem connected to the HF radio. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose this address publicly because of the risk for junk mail.

The SailMail system is relatively slow and would soon become useless if detected by spammers. However, should you need to reach us quickly when we are "in the bush", you can try sending a message to be forwarded by Monica, Henrik's sister.

To do this, send the message to monica2.lindblom(at)gmail.com with "Mail for Scorpio" in the subject line.
Replace the (at) with @

(Edit: I have left this page as it was, although our journey has ended. My email address is still in use. Monica passed away many years ago)

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