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© 1997-2014 - Generally all rights in connection with this site are owned by Henrik Lindblom.

Copyright of articles reproduced from any magazine is probably owned by the paper in question.

Reproduction of any content is subject to prior approval in writing. Unaltered downloads may, however, be used for non profit viewing in private homes and for non profit educational purposes, provided that the source is mentioned.

Additional copyrights:

We have tried not to infringe any copyrights ourselves. Please inform us if you find otherwise. In some cases we may have crossed the line, particularly when we have found it irresistible to use an image from a postcard to illustrate an anchorage. However, we are not making any money on this site, therefore we hope that any such use will fall into the Fair Use cathegory and that any mistakes may be overlooked. Also, we will include the source of such an image (provided it is known to us).

In the banner of the Home Page we have used a gif-animation, picturing the "green flash". I can't remember when and where I downloaded this lovely image, and it may be copyrighted (in fact you can see something in there looking like a copyright note, but it's not clear enough to be identified). We will make a similar flash animation ourselfes and replace the present one as soon as possible.

We have recently used some copies of Google Earth satellite images to illustrate anchorages in the Maldives. As we sometimes work with our web site when we are not on-line, or with very slow internet connections, we do not always have the possibility to fire up the Google Earth software. Using copies of the images, that are stored on our hard, disc solves this problem.

Many of the flags and/or maps of this site are from Flags Of The World (FOTW) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Most of our own maps are based on the Encarta CD by Microsoft and some are based on Google's satellite images.

Most of the photos are taken by Henrik and a few by Malla. Other family members and guests, as well as fellow cruisers, have made several contributions. Thanks for those photos go to Tao, Christina, Roxy and Elaine, to name just a few.

Some of the underwater photos are courtesy of Gunthers Dive Shop at Utila in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Most of the photos of Maya Indians in Guatemala are courtesy of Mecca Mantz who was cruising with her husband George aboard s/y Sailabout.

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