Do Not Dream Your Life - Live Your Dream

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We were out there for almost 23 years, 17 of them full time. Our circumnavigation was completed in March 2013.

We embarked on this journey, our second longer voyage, on the 1st of July 1997 and sailed to the Mediterranean. In August 2000 we sold our house and moved aboard permanently (or 'for the time being' as we preferred to say). Every year, from June to August, we flew to Finland and spent 2-3 months at our country home, leaving Scorpio in a yard or marina somewhere on the route. Initially we didn't plan a circumnavigation, it was just our life style to live aboard a yacht in a gentle climate. But after our transit of the Panama Canal in 2005 it became obvious that we would sail around the world.

Before the voyage Henrik was a lawyer and Malla was a registered x-ray nurse.

Henrik has the Certificates of Coastal, Offshore and Ocean Navigation and Astronomical Navigation, issued by The Finnish Navigation Association, and the International Certificate to Command  Pleasure Crafts. He is also a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Scuba diver.

Malla is an excellent Gastronomical Navigator.

Together we have sailed almost 100.000 nautical miles aboard Scorpio since 1992 and cleared in and out of roughly 100 countries or autonomous islands.

Henrik was named after his grandmothers father, Captain Henrik Skog, commander of the s/s HERMES, which, in WW1, disappeared mysteriously in the Arctic Northern Atlantic (fortunately Captain Skog was not aboard on that trip). Read more HERE. 

Henrik can be found also on Facebook.

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