Most of our (over 1 000) photos of this site are (in a chronological order) in the Log & Yarns section, listed in the Log Book Index. Here, in the GALLERY we have collected some specific albums. Also, here you will find all the video films.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately Adobe Corp. stopped support for its Flash software. Consequently most of our videos wont run anymore - because they are based on Flash. We have not yet decided what to do about this problem.

To choose from the index of Slide shows (sometimes we call them Photo Albums, sometimes not, so don't be confused) or the index of Videos, follow the links above. The photos below are just a random collection, but a click on any of them will produce a larger version of that image.

TIP: For a random collection of photographs go to GOOGLE IMAGES and type "scorpiosail" in the Search field!
If you are looking at an off-line version of this page (very rare), click to get an idea.


We also have under construction a of our cruising history - you can check the first pages.

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