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Above: At Hluhluwe-Imfolozi reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, SA, November 2012.
Middle: The waters in Malaysia and Thailand were seldom very clear. This is the best visibility we found (Koh Lipe).
Right: There has been a lot of concern because of piracy lately.
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Last update: October 15, 2022.

From the archives:
On this day 30 years ago, Scorpio was in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea.
On this day 20 years ago, Scorpio was at Charleston, North Carolina.
On this day 15 years ago, Scorpio was in New Zealand.
On this day 10 years ago, Scorpio was at Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

Scorpio for sale
This ad was published in All At Sea magazine - Caribbean Issue.
We sold Scorpio in January 2015.

Recent Revisions and Additions

This web site will not be updated anymore regarding events that have taken place after Scorpio was sold in January 2015. However, we may - from time to time - post logs or articles from the period of our ownership, 1992 - 2014.
A new video: The captain's 50th birtday party at La Gomera in November, 2000.

A new video: Africa to Starboard - Part 2.

A new video: (Leaving) Africa to Starboard.

A new video: Dilemma in the Arabian Sea.

  I have started to replace all our videos with new films in a format that works now and in the future. The old films became obsolete when Adobe discontinued the Flash-sw. You can follow the progress in the Video Index.

Here is a summary of an interview (September 2018) where Henrik talked about Scorpios circumnavigation. The text is in Finnish, but there are several maps and images.

(2014-2015 season):

The dock at Green Cove Springs Marina - November 2014

A new sistership has been found.

Our last blog post.

Scorpio has new owners! This site will soon close.

Is Scorpio a Swan?

As a service to potential buyer candidates we have added photos of some usually hidden spaces.

We have made Survey Reports and Specification Details available for download.

View some photos from Scorpio's recent launch (opens in new window).

More on the subject of corrosion; Read about this project: Seacocks and thru-hulls. This may sink a yacht.

We are back aboard Scorpio again. The yacht is still on the hard, but we prepare to launch on October 31. We will now resume updating this web site.

2013-2014 SEASON:

We are presently on vacation, away from sailing. Will be back aboard again in October - if Scorpio doesn't get a new owner before that.

Scorpio was hauled out at Green Cove Springs Marina, near Jacksonville, Florida, where she will spend the next 6 months. The 2013-14 cruising season is now over.

We added a link to Vesselfinder.com above on this page and at the top of the Location page. Now you can always find our latest recorded AIS-position. Remember however, that we do not always turn on the AIS.

Our cruising plans for the spring of 2014 have been updated.

Our latest report, A Cruise Down Memory Lane, part 1 has been completed.

A four page summary of Scorpio's two-year renovation project 2010-12.

We updated Scorpio's Photo Gallery.

Tobago Cays (source unknown)

No crocs, frogs or flippers.

Our latest report: West Indies Revisited - Cruising Down Memory Lane, part 1.

I'm Fuckin' Retired.

Our plan for the rest of 2013.

Do not have too much fun - at least not on my steps.

Here is a list of the 60 Finnish circumnavigators.

Inside the head of a lifestyle cruiser: Bar of Destruction.

We have spotted a new sistership: Dreamtime.

Back Aboard, see the Blog.

End of summer and, End of Silence. The crew is preparing to return to Scorpio. See the Blog.

2012-2013 SEASON:

Scorpio was hauled out on 8 April. The 2012-13 season is over. See the blog.

Scorpio arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad on 23 March.

Our report: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

Scorpio arrived in Brazil at the island of Fernando de Noronha on 6 March.

Our report: Ascension Island - A Rare Place to Visit

On February 22, Scorpio arrived in Georgetown, Ascension Island, in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Our report: The Island of St Helena - The Most Remote Inhabited Place?

On February 7, Scorpio arrived in James Bay, St Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Our report: Walvis Bay and Swakopmund - Namibia.

Our report: Cape Town - One of the '7 New Wonders of the World'.

Our report: Around South Africa - Leaving the Cape of Storms to Starboard.

A story: Planning to Sail Around All Continents? - Then Avoid Panama.

Our 2013 Master Plan has been updated.

A Wine Tour to Stellenbosch, see the blog.

The Longest Day - Christmas Memories, see the blog.
Note: This post has nothing to do with cruising.

Brompton Stupidity - We Refuse to Help You, see the blog.

A story: What is a Circumnavigation - Have We Done It Now?

Our report: Getting Stuck in the Wrong Place - A Black Advent

Scorpio arrived in Cape Town after a challenging trip. Enough now of sailing for 2012.

Our recent report: Durban - The Biggest City in KwaZulu-Natal

Our report:The Big Five - Safaris in KwaZulu-Natal

Our report: Reunion to South Africa - A Difficult Passage

Our story: At Anchor in Gale Force Winds

Cruising info: Anchorages in Madagascar

Cruising info: Anchorages in Mozambique

Our report: Reunion Island - A Very French Place.

Cruising Information: Harbours on Reunion Island.

September 26th: Scorpio arrived in St. Pierre on the Island of Reunion.

Why Do I always Have to Upgrade? Combining Old and New Instruments.

Our report: Back in Mauritius - Fending Off in Caudan Marina.

September 5, 2012: The crew is back aboard Scorpio in Port Louis.

Is Scorpio for Sale?

2011-2012 SEASON:

Added some links to weather information for our location.

Our Anchorages at Indian Ocean Islands has been updated.

Our report: Mauritius, A Melting Pot - Cruisers Exploring Ashore.

Our report: Last Passage of the Season - From Chagos to Mauritius.

Our latest story: Cyclone Alert - Executive Decisions.

Our recent report: Chagos - The Forbidden Archipelago.

Scorpio arrived in Port Louis at Mauritius on May 18; The Location has been updated.

Our report: Cruising from Male to Gan - Buddy Boating in the Maldives.

Our recent story: Tsunami Warning - And Then What?

Our photo-report: Maldivian Moments - Male 2012.

Our report: Return to The Maldives.

Our report: Sri Lanka - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Our report: Slow Boat to Sri Lanka.

The Location-page has been updated, including our Indian Ocean-crossing itinerary

The Future Plans-page has been updated, including thoughts about 2013 and beyond.

Our latest story: Planning a Crossing of the Indian Ocean in 2012.

Our story: Political Unrest and Routing Decisions.

Fuel Is Killing My Outboard - see the Blog.

Staying Connected - see the Blog.

Our report: Cruising Guide: East of Phuket.

Celebrating New Year's Eve at Nai Harn Bay for the third year in a row.

We are finally sailing again. Scorpio's refit is finished and we left Boat Lagoon on December 29th,
anchoring in Chalong Bay on the south east coast of Phuket. We will spend New Year's Eve in Nai
Harn bay (if there is not too much swell).

The Ark? - Are they preparing for the deluge in Singapore?

Getting Proper Screwed - again.

Finally: Scorpio is back in the sea.

Drawings of the s/s Hermes. This is a pdf-document. Adobe v9 required.

The Parking Blues, see the Blog.

The Wrong Thing in the Right Place, see the Blog.

Strange Rescue at Sea, see the Blog.

Disaster Is Just Around the Corner. Our first blog post of the season 2011-12 is not a happy one.

The crew is back in Thailand making Scorpio ready for cruising again. It will take one month before splash.

Plans and drawings of the Nautor 43.

2010-11 SEASON:

A new Nautor 43 discovery.

Replacing the old teak deck: a preview.

How much junk do you need living on a yacht: 75 Boxes. See the Blog.

The crew flew to Finland for a traditional vacation from sailing during the Scandinavian summer.

Sailor's Toes.

The Last Night of the 21st Season of Global Cruising.

The Neglected Services - Replacing the engine's raw water impeller.

Impotent Piracy-fighting.

True Finns vs. Finland-Swedes (has nothing to do with cruising).

The map indicating our track 1992-2011 has been updated.

Biggest Change in Cruising in 20 years?

Unexpected weather?

Satellite views of our anchorages in the Maldives.

Our latest opinion: Why Somali Piracy Has to Stop.

Our latest report has been updated with more photos.

Our latest report: Against All Odds - Sailing the Wrong Way at the Wrong Time.

Our report: Cruising the Maldives - From Uligan to Male.

The cost of a Maldivian cruising permit.

Using the Bullshit Button.

We arrived in Phuket on April 2, 2011, after a cruise to the Maldives. A report will be posted very soon.

We left Male on March 20, 2011; destination: Phuket, Thailand.

The Countdown Has Started.

Warm beer causes death, see the Blog.

In the press, recently: The Finns made a U-turn

Notes regarding anchorages and cruising in the Maldives.

An opinion: Dumb as a Brick? - To the Med at any Cost.

Our story: Cruiser's Paradise Lost?

Our latest report: Uligan - One of the Friendliest Places Anywhere.

The sequel to Dilemma in the Arabian Sea: A story called Hired Guns and the Shipping of Yachts.

Latest blog: Send in Jack Bauer.

Our story: Dilemma in the Arabian Sea.

Our latest report: From Phuket to the Maldives, making speed records (slow and fast).

Our latest BLOG: The Pirates are Winning.

Our report: Aboard Scorpio after the renovation.

Our report about Scorpio's major refit.

We are (were) planning to depart from Thailand on 11.11.11. at 11. See the Location-page.

Our report: Boat Projects and Sight-seeing in Phuket.

What a waste! Taking a look at rubbish management in the third world, the Blog.

The Visa Run. See the Blog.

Our Seven Seas. See the Blog.

The Year of the Rat? See the Blog.

17 shipyards in 18 years - a way to experience the cultures of the world, see the Blog.

Extreme body piercing in Phuket, check the Blog.

We added two recently discovered sisterships, and illustrated the raising of Scorpio's water line.

The crew is back in Phuket to finish all the work that has been done to make Scorpio look almost like new again.

We will be sailing through the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, see new plan and map.

World Sauna Championships: Finalist dies, see the Blog.

Tropical Finland - a bear market?, check the Blog.

Enjoying the Finnish summer: Swamp Soccer World Championships, see the Blog.

2009-2010 SEASON:

Earth quake trigger tsunami alert in the Andaman Sea, see the Blog.

Recent currency fluctuations increase maintenance costs, see The Blog.

We have been charged for 30,000 litres of water, see The Blog.

We are finally abandoning Hotmail, see The Blog.

Happy Thai New year, see The Blog.

Our latest report (in 3 parts): The Full Report from Indochina and Siam.

Our road trip in SE Asia is over, have a look at a map of our route in the Blog.

Our journey in Indochina and Siam: Check the daily blogs.

Prices are right, people good and weather perfect - see The Blog.

Piracy Alert in the Malacca Straits - see The Blog.

The System Protects you. Buying flight tickets on the internet - see The Blog.

Recent portraits of the crew! For a time now we have been reminded by fellow cruisers that the photos of Malla and me in the CREW section are shot quite some time ago and we look moore like our children. Well, those shots were only six years old, so what the hell has happened during that time? Anybody else getting older out there?

Our latest report: Scorpio Going Tourist and sailing back to Langkawi.

Getting properly cheated, see the Blog.

Push-in or spinn-on wine corks? The Blog has the answer.

We have included the missing report, covering 1997, the first season of this journey.

Our recent report includes a trip to James Bond Island.

Shopping in the Islands? Yes, at least in Thailand, see the Blog.

Waiting for our report from James Bond Island? Here is a preview in the Blog-section.

Our report: Christmas in Thailand.

Our report: Cruising around Langkawi island.

Update of our llist of our anchorages in South East Asia.

The Blog entries are increasing, three new posts and counting ...

Our latest video: The orang-utans of Borneo.

A video from the previous millennium: Fishing Nuns.

Our report: From Singapore to Langkawi.

Our report: The Singpore Sling.

Our report: From Bali to Singapore, incl. a visit to the orang-utans of Borneo.

A recent video: The graceful Legong dances of Bali.

A video: The Shadow Puppet show.

Our report: Culture in Bali.

A video: The Komodo Dragon

The video: Children singing "Indonesia".

Our report: from the Banda Sea to Bali.

Our first report from Indonesia: From Darwin to the Spice Islands.

A Search Engine for this web site added to the Home Page.
You can also try this search function here:

An interactive (Google) map of our possible anchorages in Indonesia.

Updates during 2008-2009:

Our report: From Cape York to Darwin.

Our plans for the next 6-18 months have been updated.

We have started with some entries in the Blog Section.
There is also a link to the Blog from the Home Page and one from the Log & Yarns page.

Our report: Back to the Tropics, inside the Great Barrier Reef to Cape York.

People often ask, why we fly to Finland every Nordic summer, here's why!.

Our report: Northbound from Sydney, dodging cyclones.

More of the earlier years: Our journey to the Centre of the Earth in 1998.

Project: Installation of a bow thruster, in response to a letter from an other Nautor 43 owner.

The earlier years: Cruising on the Costa del Sol in Spain in 1999.

The video: Good Vibrations.

A new video: Rush hour in Sydney Harbour.
A smaller version of this video is also bedded into the Home Page.

Should I buy a Nautor 43?

The Location has been updated, and our route around Australia decided.

Our report: Sydney Shots.

We have started playing with an intro for the site.
Still probably a bit pathetic, but we're working on it:

Back in time: Report of our return from Europe to the West Indies in 2000.

An automatic slide show of the New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney.

The section about the steamer Hermes is updated.

Our report: The World's Greatest Fireworks: New Year's Eve in Sydney Harbour.

We have included a bit about Tom Neale, the hermit of Suwarrow, as an example of a good story.

Our video: Entering Sydney Harbour.

Our report: From Bundaberg to Sydney.

People often ask why we fly all the way to Finland every Nordic summer. We decided to share some photographic views instead of verbal explanations. Look HERE.

We decided to trash the "Guestbook" section because of a lot of junk mail (spam).

New page design of this site. It will be applied to new pages and gradually older pages will also be converted.

A follow-up: The final repair of the corrosion around the gooseneck.

November 2008 A new video: Our new Booby pet.

November 2008 Our report: Vanuatu to Australia, stopping at Chesterfield Reef

November 2008 An new video: A fuel transfer between yachts in the Coral Sea.

November 2008 An other new video: The Slave Boys is the name of the string band on Urepurapura island.

May 2008 Our report: Vanuatu, part 2

October 2008 A slide show: Traditional "kastom" dance in Vanuatu.

October 2008 In the How To Series: Installing of a second autopilot on the steering quadrant.

September 2008 Repairs in the Tropics never end: Corrosion at the mast - a potential disaster.

October 2008 Our report: From Fiji to Vanuatu.

September 2008 Listen to Curly opening his morning show on the VHF radio in Savu Savu, Fiji

August 2008 The Location is updated.

July 2008 Our Future plans are updated.

July 2008 We have started to develop a "mash up" Google map section, and the first result is an INTERACTIVE map of our trail in New Zealand.

lIn the future these Google Maps will be found on the Maps Index page.

Updates during 2007-2008:

May 2008 Videos: This is Sailing, and This is Sailing Too.

May 2008 Our report: Cruising in Fiji.

May 2008 Our report: Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji.

April 2008A new feature: A flash viewer component experiment for slide shows. Here's the first. And here's the second.

April 2008 We included a new section, The Press Room, cool now that there's been more than one article about Scorpio.

April 2008 Our report: Change of Plans, And a Trip to the South Island.

April 2008 Video: Tandem jump off the Kawarau Bridge.

January 2008 Video: Meeting with Rainbow Warrior (Flash Video)

January 2008 Video: Cave Diving in Tonga (Flash Video)

January 2008 3 New Slideshows from Past Years.
    - Underwater World
    - Cuba: Our First Trip
    - Cuba II: Our Second Trip
    You can access them via the Slide Shows Index Page.

January 2008 Our report: 2007 in NZ was a year of great food

January 2008 Watch our X-mas Video (Flash Video)

January 2008 Maori Song Video (Flash Video)

January 2008 Sea Lion Pup Video from Galapagos (Flash Video)

January 2008 Iguana Video from Galapagos (Flash Video)

January 2008 Gatun Locks, Panama Canal (Flash Video)
    (Be aware, that this file size is 4,2Mb)

January 2008 All the Videos are listed in the Video Index (Flash Video)

November 2007 The Location is updated.

September 2007 Our rough plan for the coming season is updated.

SEASON 2006 - 2007

September 2007 A Big Sister is added to the Sisterships Page.

May 2007 Our report: Boat Projects on the Hard

March 2007 Our report: People in a port.

January 2007 Repair and Development accounts: Keeping the bilge clean.
When did you last check the condition of your mast step?

December 2006 Our report: Honeymoon Down Under. "A true story"

December 2006 The photo of sister ship Baltic Girl has been added.

November 2006 Our report: From Tonga to New Zealand.

October 2006 Our report from the Kingdom of Tonga.

September 2006 Our report: From Bora Bora to Suwarrow and Samoa.

September 2006 Cruising is boat repair in Exotic Places: The Freezer Blues. An addition to "The Stories" section.
This is a story about something that broke down a couple of years ago.

September 2006 The Location has been updated after our return to Scorpio in Raiatea.

(all hyperlinks below do not necessarily work)

May 2006 Our first report from the Society Islands.

April 2006 Our first report French Polynesia.

February 2006 TIP: For a view of  our photos i random order, try Google Pictures and type "Scorpiosail" in the search field.

February 2006 Our second report from Galapagos.

January 2006 Our first report from the Galapagos Islands.

January 2006 Video clips from the Galapagos of iguanas and sea lions.

January 2006 For our Finnish friends: A story about our cruises in Cuba (in Finnish).

December 2005 Our report from Bahia de Caraques.

September 2005 Our report on the crew's return to La Libertad.

June 2005 The Maps section is updated with the maps showing our tracks from 1997.

 June 2005 Our two latest reports: The transit of the Panama Canal and From Panama to Ecuador.

 April 2005 Our report: Colombia to Panama.

 March 2005 Our report: Port Antonio, Jamaica, to Cartagena, Colombia.

 February 2005 Our report from: Cuba.

 February 2005There is now a quick link to our latest report on the opening page (www.scorpiosail.com) and on the Home Page.

 February 2005The LOCATION is updated.  New cruising plans! Remember also to check the INDEX of our month to month progress, thats the way to our most recent reports and photos.

 December 2004Our report of the 2004 autumn: "From the Chesapeake Bay to Varadero, Cuba".

 September 2004SCORPIO's LAW is adapted from our frequent stowaway, Mr. Murphy. We have found that nature and things indeed have a conformity to law. You can compare our thesis with your own via the links in the YACHT section.

 September 2004THE GALLERY is finally open. We are particularly proud to display photos of the Maya Indians of Guatemala, courtesy of Mecca Mantz.

 September 2004REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE & DEVELOPMENT are constantly the order of the day. We have a new page in the YACHT section dealing with this subject. It is really not as boring as it may sound. There are going to be some hopefully entertaining horror stories about failed repairs etc. The first records are about our preparations for launch this September 2004 and how it pays to use your creativity. Browsing is recommended also for the not so technically minded.

 September 2003This web site replaced our old site in September 2003. The old site will remain on the web for a while, but will no longer be updated or revised. The first version of the old site was established in 1996, when Note Pad still was an essential tool in web design. We have thereafter used mainly Microsoft's Front Page's different versions to create and maintain the present site.

August 2003A whole new Scorpio Web Site is introduced; the address is www.scorpiosail.com.

December 2002 Merry Christmas links to a Christmas Card from the Crew.

December 2002 After several new entries in the Log Book section, it now covers our movements starting on Autumn 2002, with many photos.

December 2002 The yacht's communications & entertainment system has been considerably upgraded.

November 2002 An introduction in Swedish and in Finnish.

June 2002 The Welcome Page was been renewed. The previous entrance was through the BLACK HOLE.

October 2001 THE LOG & YARNS section is finally getting some entries!  Here you can follow our journey more closely. There is also a map, showing our journey from Beaufort to the Chesapeake Bay.

May 2000 Previous versions of "The Location" page have been compiled to the new PREVIOUS LOCATIONS.

January 2000 We have arrived at our destination = moved aboard in August 2000.  The appropriate changes have been made to THE CREW and THE LOCATION. 

June 2000 As the previous revision (below) tells, we really are serious. Our home in Finland is now sold. Presently we are actually in a state of shock! We have to move out before the end of July! How can you suddenly get rid of all the things that you have collected during the past 50 years?

House For Sale We are serious. Our house is now for sale! Anybody looking for a house outside Helsinki, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! (This link was deactivated after the house was sold. Actually, thanks to the presentation on the Web, the house was sold in less than a week!

Entrance Hole This Site can now be entered through a BLACK HOLE, inspired by David Siegel, author of The Killer Web Sites. 

Från palmstränderna till isflaken The story FROM PALM ISLANDS TO ICE FLOES (in Swedish only)

Updated 8 Feb 2000 Drawings by Christofer are on display in THE GALLERY .

Search Engine A SEARCH ENGINE to find items of This Site. Try for instance the word "caribbean" .

Around the Globe Route A map showing our (potential) future cruising directions.

Från Grenada via Venezuela till ABC öarna A Log and Stories section. The first story,  From Grenada via Venezuela to the ABC Islands is, however, in Swedish only. 

The area previously called The Cruise has been replaced by THE OBJECTIVE.
It includes a word from the Captain who saw reason to explain why This Web Site exists!

We have included the story of the disappearance of the STEAMSHIP HERMES,
commanded by Scorpio's captain's ancestor. The story may also be of general interest.

Scorpio's temporary home port has changed from the Mallorca to the Costa del Sol.

Some new photos have been added to THE GALLERY.

We have added this page: WHAT'S NEW!