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Part 3: Grenada - North Carolina

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Windward Islands - Greater Antilles

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This page is part 3 of a report in 3 parts, covering August 2000 to June 2001.

The photos (with no text) can also be viewed in slide shows, covering all 3 parts of this sequence.

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Beach front real estate, Petit Martinique, Grenada
R.I.P. after 105 years
From Grenada we sailed north along the chain of islands in the Windward Islands-group, all familiar from previous trips, and surprisingly little changed since then. We have spent almost four seasons in the West Indies before, but it was already five years since our last visit and we had anticipated changes to the worse. The most noticable change was that the bare-boat charter fleet now had a majority of catamarans. The most depressing change was the congestion of T-shirt vendors at fabulous Tobago Cays (not to be confused with Tobago island of T&T).
Idyllic Sandy Island, near Carriacou, Grenada
Bequia in the Grenadines is one of our favourites
In Grenada we were joined by Jens's partner Heta (what's the word for the Swedish sambo or Finnish avovaimo? Girlfriend doesn't sound right - like lacking serious "commitment).
St Vincent in the Grenadines
The green market in Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Approaching Le Marin, Martinique
Deborah and Rolf, s/y Northern Light
Jens and Heta sailed with us to the French island of Martinique, where we left Scorpio for a week while taking care of matters in Finland. When we returned we were in company with younger son Tomas, who sailed with us to Antigua. For some reason this report lacks a photo of him! Remember, these were the days before the digital still-cameras (although we already did have a digital video camera). I am compiling this report aboard Scorpio in Australia 2009, and only have available photos that I previously have scanned to a hard disk.
Kari & Melina, s/y Hakuna Matata
s/y Venla at St Pierre, Martinique
Moving north along the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands and the Virgin Islands we frequently found ourselves in the same spots as yachts we met before, some already in Europe. Among them were Finnish yachts Hakuna Matata and Venla. We also made new friends, such as Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke, of Northern Light fame. Among other serious adventures, they once spend a season iced-in in the Antarctic - not our cup of tea!
Body work, French West Indies
Serious sailing, Martinique
Mirabela, built by Pekka Koskenkylä
Anything floats in Gustavia
Pekka Koskenkylä, the founder of Nautor's Swan, built a small number of Mirabelias in Thailand. We saw one of them at the docks in Falmouth Harbour, Antiua (above left). In Gustavia, Capital of St Barthélèmy, the former colony of Sweden, we spotted proof of a very different cruising philosophy.
Gustavia harbour, St Barts
Swedish signs in Gustavia
Celebrating Nina's demi centennial
"There's a place called Kokomo"
In Philipsburg, Sint Maarten we were joined for a week by our most faithful guests Nina and Bengt, who sailed with us to the British Virgin islands. But first we celebrated Nina's birthday with champagne and lobster in Grand Case, St Martin.
Samana, Dominican Republic
Walkin' the dog, Bahama style
During the following ten weeks we made our way through the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos and Bahamas to Beaufort in North Carolina, USA (as shown on the map below). There we left Scorpio in a ship yard for 2 months while we flew to Finland for a well deserved vacation at our summer cottage.
Catching fish makes a bloody mess in the cock pit
This dorado is a big one
Beaufort, NC, is one of our favourite small towns
Our track from DR to NC
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