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Miscellaneous Improvements and Additions

1. New teak decks and deck furniture (first page)
2. Mast and rig maintenance and improvements (second page)
3. Canvas galore (previous page)
4. Miscellaneous improvements and additions (this page)

Here is a link to the first part of the renovation in 2010-11

The pentry has new Corian counter tops and LED lighting
All interior teak is revarnished and upholstery is new. Saloon above with forward cabin below.
Most of the lighting has been replaced by LED.
forward cabin

On this page we show only some examples of repairs that were done and also of some new designs that we created. Regarding the 9 photos below, I have added numbered captions. The rest should be quite obvious.

liferaft bracket liferaft bracket7 liferaft on transom
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
inventions screen inspection hole
7. 8. 9.
1-3 For 20 years we carried our liferaft on deck amidships, on the stern side of the main mast. I often wondered how difficult it would be to launch the raft from there in foul weather. The life raft naturally has a protective cover now (not shown in the photo).

Photo #1 also shows the crane we had made a few years earlier for launching and landing the outboard.

4 The table on the poop deck is used only when we are not sailing. It is standing in the fitting for the emergency steering tiller. Just unscrew the cap and then use the same threads to screw on the leg of the table. As shown in other photos, we also have an awning for the poop deck. This is a great place to sit in the shade enjoying your morning coffee and watching the anchorage around you.
5 I found this mellon shaped prism in London. It replaces the plexi which used to cover the hole for the one point lifting arrangement. It looks great and gives an amazing amount of light below. See photo from below later on this page.
6 There was a free area on both sids of the cock pit coaming, below the solar panels. I designed these big storage boxes, one on each side. They are very practical for all kinds of stuff that are otherwise difficult to keep out of the way when not in use: snorkelling and fishing gear, winch handles, blocks, lines etc. And they work well as benches too.
7-8 There are three items here (photo #7), that I'm quite proud of. After a break in many years ago, I designed the locking system. Nobody breaks in here without making a lot of noise and using serious equipment. Some years later I had the bug-screened door frame made. It is reinforced by stainless steel on the inside (photo #8). Now we get proper ventilation below even when we are not on board. The photo also shows the new panel for the engine instruments and some other displays and sockets. Later on this page are a couple of before/after-photos of this spot.
9 This photo shows an inspection and access hole to the rudder shaft and steering quadrant area, which was very difficult to reach before.
table fold down table fold out table stored
fore peak
Lazarette locker, starboard Lazarette locker, port Forepeak

Here is a random collection of photos, including some 'before and after' shots.

old fan new fan solar panel
The old 4-speed toilet fans have
been retired...
.. with new 4-speed fans The solar panels turn 180° vertically
and 360° horisontally.
Panels are from February 2012.
wiring before
Old nav station ripped down New nav station under construction New nav station today
connections after old rpm panel new rpm panel

Wiring inside nav station panel
The panel (door) is on hinges

The old engine instruments panel The new engine instruments panel
start panel before new start panel
The old engine control panel The new engine control panel Details of new engine control panel
prism before prism after

Above: old deck prism,
Below: new deck prism in galley

prism below

Above: new deck prism on side deck
Below: new deck prism amidships

round prism below

before after
I think the two photos above (right) of Nautor's old plaque and new one quite well illustrate what was achieved during this renovation process in general, and regarding corrosion correction in particular.

The instruments, installed in many locations of the yacht, and their panels, have been continously replaced and upgraded as seen on some of the earlier photos and the one above of some of the cockpit sailing instrumentation.

Malla sewing stuffing box wrench new dinghy
Malla sewing chafe protection
on the spreader tips
A piece of art? No, it is a wrench
I constructed for the stuffing box
The dinghy was new in February 2012

Some of the photos of this presentations and many more are also found in Scorpio's Photo Gallery

The surveys: The whole renovation project was overseen by independent professional surveyors; B.G. Marine for the complete yacht and David Samuelson for the rigging in particular. They presented us with their survey reports when all was finished.

The conclusion of the surveys are: The condition of this yacht is exceptional!

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