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Canvas Galore

1. New teak decks and deck furniture (first page)
2. Mast and rig maintenance and improvements (previous page)
3. Canvas galore (this page)
4. Miscellaneous improvements and additions (last page)

Here is a link to the first part of the renovation in 2010-11

Canvas covers
The windshield and the port triangle are here in use

During the years we have designed various pieces of plastic and fabric for protection from spray and sun. For the comfort of the crew we have several cloths that can be attached with zippers to the bimini, alone or in combination with other clots. The photo above shows a clear windshield in combination with a clear triangle to port. Below (left) we are on a run with a shield from rain blowing in from the stern. On the photo in the middle, this cloth has been replaced by a sun shield.

For protection of equipment we have numerous covers. Below are only some examples. There are also covers for, among other things, the dinghy, the life raft, the winches, the bicycles.

  Hatch covers have zippers on each side  
  Poop deck cover is also a water catchment  

During the renovation we spent around €4000 on replacement of old cloth and creating new designs.

Talking about canvas, we also had new genoa, main and mizzen sewn during the first part of the renovation, as mentioned in the earlier section.

The surveys: The whole renovation project was overseen by independent professional surveyors; B.G. Marine for the complete yacht and David Samuelson for the rigging in particular. They presented us with their survey reports when all was finished.

The conclusion of the surveys are: The condition of this yacht is exceptional!

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